About Us

Welcome to the Sweet Potatoes World  

We hope you like our brand new Online store selling lovely products to keep you accessorised over the summer!

We are a truly international collaboration between 3 people based in China, Australia and the Uk! 2 girls and a boy. The brain behind the idea lives in Hong Kong, the artwork is done in Melbourne Australia and the Website and running of the online shop and promotion is handled in the UK.

All our products are made and shipped from the UK.


We also hope you enjoy our stories..

Our journey begins with An B the dog, No. 8 the rabbit, Kara the monkey, and Super IV the panda. They are brothers and sisters that come from the Sweet Potatoes World. 

An B and No. 8 are baby twins. They both love eating red carrots and chewing bones. The colour of their complexion changes with their mood: when they are happy, their skin is rosy pink; when they are unhappy, their skin becomes transparent so that their friends would not be able to see them. When they play cool, they become all black.  

Super IV the pandaSuper IV hatched in a heart-shaped needleless cactus in a garden. Her birth mark is the heart-shaped nose to memorialize the place of her birth.  Super likes singing and Tai Chi.   

Super N is cheerful and funny. She loves playing with little children and is an excellent story-teller. Not only do her friends and sisters love her stories, but the flowers and insects would also come to sit around her and listen to her stories. Given how much she enjoys the company of little children, Super N has decided to become a nanny when she is BIGGER. She hence tries hard to taste food and dishes from all around the world so that she would be able to make new dishes for the kids every day. Perhaps one day she will have her own signature dish! 

Kara, the monkey –Kara is the youngest sister in the family. She hatched as a yellow daisy in the kitchen. She was born at night time and she could see in the dark even without any light. Her favorite food is jelly and she loves all their tastes - blackberry, strawberry, lychee or any favorite flavor you could name of. She can make jelly bigger than her own size and dive into it to enjoy its wondrous taste. Above all, she is the Angle of Stitching. She would stitch everything together by anything you can name of….   

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